QR codes: Ship with USPS via Depop (US only)

Now there’s no more need to print your shipping label at home when you Ship with USPS via Depop in the US. 

You can just scan your QR code at your nearest Post Office, print a shipping label in-store and drop your item off all in one go. 

How does it work?

  • Select "Ship with USPS" when you list an item
  • Once your item is sold, go to ‘All sold items’
  • Select the item you want to ship
  • Click on ‘Ship your item now’ to see the QR code 
  • You can then take the QR code to your nearest USPS Post Office, scan your QR code, print the shipping label in-store and drop your item off
  • To find the nearest one to you, click ‘Find your nearest Post Office’ underneath the QR code, or click here to find your nearest USPS Post Office.

Find more information on shipping in the US here.



Why is this only available to some sellers?

In-app this feature is only available for iOS users. However, all users in the US can also get their USPS QR code from their email receipt.

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