I received an email about a recent sign-in to Depop

To protect your account, Depop sends you a notification if your account is signed in to from a device, browser or location that looks unusual for your account. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your account has been compromised, however, if this wasn’t you it could be that someone else has gained access to your account.

I don’t recognise the log in

If you’re sure that you didn’t sign in to your Depop account from that location at that time, reset your password. Please know that whilst Depop and your data is safe, your password may have been compromised elsewhere and used to access your Depop account.

Find more information on how to reset your password on this Help Centre article.

I did log in at this time, but not from the location in the email

The location we provide is approximate and might not show your exact location. This is common if you're using a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. Factors that might impact your reported location include where the IP address is registered, where the agency that controls the IP is located, proxies, and cellular IPs.

We strongly recommend enabling two-factor authentication to keep your account secure. 

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