Depop Payments Account Update

We are making some updates to a handful of Depop Payments accounts. This is to ensure that these accounts are able to be included in future changes and improvements to our systems, including being able to accept Klarna payments.


How do I know if I am affected by this?

Affected users will receive an email about this update. Once the update has happened, affected users will also see a ‘Legacy balance’ in their ‘To-do list’ on their payments tab on the Selling Hub.


What does this mean for affected users?

  1. Your in-app balance will show as 0 on the day of the update but your payouts will still be processed as usual. Any balance that wasn’t ready to be paid out will be shown below in the ‘To-do-list’ section as ‘Legacy balance’ until it is fully paid out. If this balance hasn’t been paid out 3 business days after you’ve seen the 'Legacy balance' tile, please get in touch with our support team here.

  2. You will need to re-add your bank account details. This will show in your ‘To-do-list’, so you can just re-add this information from there.

  3. You may need to re-verify your Photo ID or SSN. This will also show in your ‘To-do-list’ once it is needed.

  4. To refund any sales made before the account update you will need to contact us here. You will have received an email with the date on which your account has been updated which will help you to indicate what sales are affected by this. Any future sales can be refunded in the app as usual.



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