European Union Platform-to-Business Regulation on Depop


The European Union (EU) Regulation on platform-to-business relations (P2B Regulation) intends to create a fair, transparent, and predictable business environment for sellers on online platforms. The P2B Regulation applies to sellers located in the EU that also offer their products to consumers in the EU. Following Brexit, the P2B Regulation also became law in the UK and applies to sellers located in the UK offering products to consumers in the UK.


Depop’s Policies

To foster transparency and fairness, we’ve made every effort to ensure that our agreement with users of our service is worded in a clear and comprehensible way. Our Terms of Service, which encompasses a broad family of policies for all users of our services are easily accessible in the footer of and in the Depop app under Support > Need help? > Depop Guide.

Sellers on Depop agree to important policies and standards such as:

If Depop has reason to believe a seller has violated any of these policies, their shop, shop content, or accounts may be deactivated, suspended or terminated.


How does the P2B regulation impact EU sellers?

Generally, Depop will notify sellers of actions affecting their listings, shop, or account. However, we may not provide a notification if we have legal or regulatory reasons that prevent us from doing so, or if the seller has been terminated due to repeatedly violating our policies.

Depop will duly consider P2B inquiries in accordance with the regulation, and will process them within a reasonable frame of time, taking into consideration the importance and complexity of the issue. We will provide a response regarding the outcome where appropriate and not restricted by legal or regulatory reasons. If we determine that an action was taken as a result of an error, the action will be reversed as soon as possible. Duplicative, abusive, or other bad faith inquiries will be handled accordingly.


My shop, account, or listing has been actioned by Depop in error. What should I do?

Sellers in the EU who believe an action that Depop has taken on their shop, account, or listing was the result of an error should respond to the email notification they received, unless directed otherwise within the email (for example, a notification of alleged intellectual property infringement states that the seller should directly contact the complaining party). Email notifications about a permanent account action will provide information about the opportunity to appeal that decision. 


I’m an EU seller and have concerns related to P2B. How can I contact Depop?

If you are a seller based in the EU and have concerns related to P2B, please let us know.

EU sellers may review our Terms of Service to see additional information relevant to the P2B Regulation, including mediation options and disclosures regarding search and ad ranking. 


Does P2B apply only to EU and UK sellers?

P2B is a regulation that relates to sellers in the EU and UK. If you are located outside of these areas  and have concerns, please click Contact support at the bottom of this page to let us know, or if you received an email from us, follow the instructions in that email to contact us.

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