Graphic and Violent Imagery Policy

We work hard to keep Depop a safe space for users to buy & sell unique fashion and do not allow users to share graphic imagery or content depicting or endorsing acts of violence, death or injury on the platform.

Prohibited imagery covers content that depicts real-world violence, death, torture, gore or injury of a human being or animal in a way that promotes, praises or encourages the act of violence, or that could enable financial benefits from the shock value of violence.

The shock factor of violence is defined as content that:

  • Would shock or disturb a child
  • Depicts disgusting, extremely violent, or gruesome images to attract attention
  • Provokes a reaction of disgust, repulsion, horror and/or fear in the viewer

Depop will act on any graphic, disturbing or violent imagery that contravenes our Community Guidelines to protect the safety of our community. This includes content shared in listing images or video, or any other part of the app.

Prohibited imagery includes, but is not limited to:

  • Praise, support or endorsement of casualty events such as plane or train crashes
  • Graphic images of open wounds or severe injuries
  • Violent acts such as physical assaults, shootings or knife attacks
  • Depictions of sexual violence
  • Depictions of bombings or explosions
  • Depictions of suicide or self harm
  • Victims of starvation or famines
  • Dead bodies
  • Depictions of murders or executions
  • Praise, support or endorsement of murders or their perpetrators
  • Depictions of dismemberment or torture
  • Praise, support or endorsement of human massacres
  • Medical procedures, for example surgery, amputation or abortion
  • Graphic depictions of bodily fluids such as blood, urine, vomit or excrement
  • Decomposing, dismembered, tortured and/or dissected animals
  • Clothing or accessories featuring disturbing graphic or violent imagery

The sale of the following is allowed:

  • Printed educational materials that contain graphic or violent imagery in a medical or educational context (for example, history books containing imagery of mass casualty events or during wars, criminal pathology or medical textbooks) if and only if the content does not praise, support or endorse the events
  • Depictions of non-graphic fictional violence, such as films, books or artwork, if and only the content does not praise, support or endorse violence and the violence is not directed toward others
  • Taxidermy or preserved animal specimens that meet all local and international legal requirements and are in a well-preserved condition

If you have encountered content which you believe breaks our Graphic and Violent Imagery Policy, please let us know by reporting the item or user through the app. We'll investigate and take action in accordance with this policy.

To learn about how we moderate content at Depop, click here for more information. 

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