The buyer said the item is 'not as described'

Items sold through the BUY button are covered by Buyer Protection and Seller Protection. Should a buyer feel as though an item is not as described, they will need to open a dispute either through Depop or PayPal depending on their payment method. If the item is confirmed to be as described, the dispute will be closed.


What should I do next?

Sometimes there may be issues or flaws with an item. These can occur during shipping or may have been something that was missed before the item was sent. We'd always recommend trying to come to a resolution that works for both you and the buyer if possible.

  • Ask the buyer for proof of any flaws or issues that are not as described
  • Work toward a resolution with the buyer
  • Damage caused during shipping? Contact your shipping provider to file a damaged in transit claim


I sold through PayPal


If you have sold through PayPal, you will often have to resolve the issue through PayPal. This means that you will either issue the buyer a partial refund through PayPal or you will have to provide proof to resolve a dispute a buyer might open.

  • Review the reasons for the dispute
  • Upload proof of the item's condition, authenticity or sizing to the dispute within the timeframe
  • Ensure you provide your return address if requested


I sold through Depop Payments


Sold through Depop Payments? You'll be able to resolve any issues with your transaction through Depop. You can choose to issue a full or partial refund through the Depop app or work with Depop Support to facilitate a return.

  • If a dispute is opened, Depop will review to find out whether the item is significantly not as described
  • If a dispute is opened, provide proof of the item condition, authenticity or sizing to Depop within the allocated time frame
  • Make sure to provide a return address if requested to get your item back safely


Need help with a dispute? Contact Depop Support

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