I haven't received my item

Eligible purchases made through the Depop BUY button are covered by Buyer Protection. We will help you get a full refund if you don't receive your item - whether you get that through your PayPal dispute, or our internal Depop Payments process. 


What should I do next?

If you haven't done so already, make sure you follow these steps to get some more information on your purchase and its shipment:

  1. Start a conversation - Try messaging the Seller to ask for an update
  2. Check the tracking number on your receipt to see the status of your order or ask the seller for proof of shipment
  3. If you try the above but then haven't heard back or have been waiting over 5 days, you can then report this in-app - you must report this within 30 days to be eligible for Buyer Protection, so please get in touch as soon as you can.

We think it’s fair to give sellers 5 days to get your item packed up and shipped out to you, before we reach out. 


How did I Pay?

The fastest way to get your refund will depend on your payment method.


To check how you paid: 

  1. Go to your Profile > Receipts
  2. Select the transaction > Then scroll to your Purchase Receipt
  3. Beneath the Payment sent, you'll see 'Paid [amount] with Depop Payments/Paypal'.


Depop Payments or Klarna

If you paid using Depop Payments or Klarna, you'll need to report this through the app to start a dispute. If you have been waiting for over 5 days, you can do this in the Resolution Centre. Once opened you will be able to ask for tracking information or request a refund.


Read our guide on Depop Payments disputes
Read more about Klarna as a Buyer in the US
Read more about Klarna as a Buyer in the UK



If you paid using PayPal, you will need to open a dispute directly on PayPal, which you can open after a week and up to 180 days from the transaction date - even if you used Guest checkout (paid by card in PayPal).  Don’t forget to escalate your dispute to a claim in the PayPal Resolution Centre if you aren’t getting things resolved with the seller directly. 


If you have been through the PayPal dispute process and still need a hand, then you can contact our Support team for some help. 


(All transactions via  PayPal will need to first be raised through the PayPal dispute process. Because these transactions come directly from the buyer's and seller's personal PayPal accounts, we have no access or visibility to resolve this on your behalf, however we can provide advice and assistance to help you get things sorted). 


I paid using a different method

Out-of-app payments do not offer any protection and are against our rules. We'll need you to report this to us so we can take action against the Seller, and help keep Depop a safe place to buy and sell, but we may not be able to help you recover your payment.

  • Head to  Profile > Settings > Need help?
  • Buying > My purchase > Scroll to the bottom and select Item not Shown
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