The item I purchased isn't showing in my purchased items

Struggling to find the item you purchased in your Depop receipts?


Check the following:

  • What Depop account you logged into. If you purchased from a previous account, your transaction history will remain there
  • Your email address, you should also have been emailed a receipt from Depop to confirm your purchase
  • Your payment method. If you paid outside of the Depop app, this won't show in your recent purchases


I purchased from a different Depop account


I have access to my other Depop account


If you have access, you can log in to the account you purchased from to review and find your purchases. From there you can contact the seller to ask for any updates or report through the app if you have any issues.

Just make sure that moving forward, you choose which Depop account you would like to stay active and close your other account. We'll still be able to open and resolve any disputes through email. 


I don't have access to my other Depop account


If you don't have access to your other Depop account, contact Depop Support. Please confirm the following information so we can review:

  • The username of the account you purchased from
  • The username of the seller
  • The date you purchased your item
  • The email address linked to your other Depop account

We'll be able to contact your seller or open any disputes even if your account has been closed.


I paid outside of the Depop app

If you sent a direct payment to the seller for an item, you won't be covered by Buyer Protection.

Contact Depop Support so we can contact the seller and request proof of postage. Send over the following:

  • Your username
  • The seller's username
  • Your proof of purchase

You can do this by going to the seller's profile, tap the three dots in the top right hand corner, Report user, I haven't received my item, Item not shown.

We may not be able to recover the funds or the item, but we can suspend the seller and request that they provide this, preventing them from accessing Depop until this is resolved.


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