How do I buy safely on Depop?


Buying safely will make sure that you always have the best experience on the Depop app. Take a look at our guide here to ensure you're going to have the best shopping experience.


How do I buy safely on Depop?

Staying safe while using the internet is important and can protect your money and information.

  • Only use the Depop BUY button to purchase items
  • Report any issues to our Support team either in-app or here
  • Ask the seller to ship your item with tracked shipping for every purchase
  • Keep track of any disputes you open to ensure you provide proof or escalate on time
  • Stay on the Depop app for any communication with the seller
  • Report anything that violates our Community Guidelines


How can I check my item before I buy?

Feeling confident about the item/s you purchase is key. As long as you buy through the Depop app, you're covered by Depop Protection. Here are some things to consider before you purchase an item.

  • Check the seller's reviews, any other buyers will rate their transaction, if you are purchasing similar items you'll have a better idea on what to expect
  • Review the photos and description in detail, if there are any flaws described or pictured, make sure you're clear on the extent
  • Contact the seller to ask for measurements or any other questions about the item
  • Make sure that the seller has used their own pictures of the item - ask for more pictures if you want to review further
  • Buying a high end item? Ask the seller for proof of authenticity before you buy


What should I avoid?

To make sure you're buying safely on Depop, avoid doing any of the following:

  • Paying outside of the Depop app, this includes direct payments through PayPal (Friends and Family or Goods and Services), Bank Transfer, Venmo and CashApp
  • Meeting in person or Collections/Drop offs
  • Returning any items without tracked shipping
  • Direct messaging off the Depop app
  • Sharing personal information such as phone numbers, or personal social media directly with other users
  • Purchasing prohibited items - we ban these to ensure that our Depop Community are safe
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