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Phone verification

Verifying your phone number helps us confirm your identity and secure your account. We want to provide a safe and secure platform for our Depop community and this step helps us to know you’re a real person who won’t commit fraud or harm other users in our marketplace.

Depop will keep your phone number stored securely. Your number will never be displayed publicly and will not be passed onto third parties.

I haven't received the code

If you didn’t receive your code when verifying your account, you can resend it a maximum of two times by tapping ‘tap here to resend’. If you still haven’t received it after this point, you’ll need to wait and come back to the app after 10 minutes to try again. Make sure you’ve got good network coverage and ensure you're entering the right phone number to give yourself the best chance of receiving your code.

The code has 'expired'

If your verification code expires, you’ll need to start again. Just open Depop, tap sign up and you’ll be asked to re-enter your phone number.

My number is showing as already in use?

You’re only allowed one Depop account per mobile number. Just tap login to access your account.

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