How old do I have to be to use Depop?


You have to be aged 13 or older to sign up to Depop & you must be over 18 to use PayPal and Depop Payments 

You need to be 18, or the legal contract age in your country, to create a PayPal account. The age restrictions are due to the fact that when you open a PayPal account you are agreeing to their legally binding contract. All purchases through PayPal, whether the payment is made with PayPal balance/ account or guest check out with your card are covered by PayPal protection.
Depop Payments 
Depop Payments is our in house payment system which offers Apple Pay, Google Pay and card payments directly through the app, and it’s completely separate to PayPal. As a buyer you’ll have this option when checking out with sellers in the US and UK. 
If you’re not 18, but would like to sell or buy items through Depop we always ask you to talk to your parent or guardian as you may be required to provide a valid ID, or SSN if you are in the US, so we can verify your Stripe account (the platform we use to power Depop payments) .
Don’t forget that using anyone’s personal information or payment card without permission is illegal.  
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