I haven't received my payment

All sales made through the Depop BUY button are covered by Seller Protection.

The steps below are for iOS users. For Android users, payment information is still available in the Selling Hub  Seller_Hub.png 


Looking for your payment?

Start by following these steps:

  • Head to My Depop Profile.png > tab the Menu icon in the top right > Depop balance
  • Tap the transaction you are reviewing
  • Review the Sale receipt - there will be a heading stating 'Buyer paid with Depop Payments / PayPal'
  • If you cannot see the transaction under All Sold Items do not ship your item yet, reach out to Depop Support.

You can also see your payment by heading to My DepopProfile.png > Menu > Sold items and clicking into the listing. 



For Android users, your payment information is still available in the Selling Hub. 

Depop Payments

If your buyer used Depop Payments to checkout, this payment should be visible in your Depop Balance

  • Head to My Depop Profile.png > Menu icon in the top right > Depop balance
  • Your total balance from any recent sales through Depop Payments will be visible in your Depop Balance
  • Scroll to Next Payout to view how much and when your next payout will be. Note that this may not show up until the day before your payout is due to be paid, so don't worry if you're not seeing anything immediately.
  • This will be paid directly into your connected bank account.

Read more about Depop Payments.



If your buyer paid via PayPal, but you are struggling to access your payment, this could be due to a few reasons.


Unverified PayPal account

You may need to verify your PayPal account. To receive money from your Depop sales, you need to have a funding source connected to your PayPal account. Follow our guide to verifying your PayPal account or log in to your PayPal to find out more.


Here are some extra tips:

      • Don't ship your item until your payment has cleared

      • Check your email inbox for any notifications from PayPal

      • Ensure that your email address has been confirmed on PayPal

      • Review any previous email addresses that you may have used for PayPal


Payment on hold

PayPal sometimes place a payment on hold as a security measure. The money has been successfully deposited into your account, but will be temporarily inaccessible until your buyer has received the item they ordered in the condition promised.

All you need to do is ship your item using tracking shipping, then upload your tracking number to the transaction details page in PayPal.

Read PayPal's guide to handling payments on hold.


How do I know if my payment is on hold?

      • You can see the transaction in your PayPal activity through the PayPal website
      • The funds have not been added to your main PayPal Balance
      • You may have received an email from PayPal notifying you
      • The PayPal website will prompt you to add tracking and ship your item


Cancelled Payment

You may be able to see your payment, but it is showing as cancelled. If this is the case, reach out to Depop Support for help. We'll investigate right away.

Select Selling > 'My buyer has intentionally cancelled their payment (PayPal)'.


We'll just need you to confirm:

  • The email address linked to your Depop account
  • Your Depop username (ex. @username)
  • Your buyer's Depop username (ex. @username)
  • Attach proof of the cancelled payment, i.e. a screenshot of your PayPal account showing the status of the payment.
  • Attach your proof of shipping to this buyer.


Your payment hasn't cleared yet

This means that your buyer has paid via credit card, which PayPal treats as an 'eCheque'. They can take 7-10 business days to clear.

If your payment is still clearing:

  • You should be able to see your transaction on PayPal
  • The balance from the sale will not be visible in your PayPal Balance
  • The transaction will show as 'pending'
  • Do not ship your item until the transaction completes
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