My buyer hasn't received their item

If your buyer hasn't received their item, it could be due to shipping delays or issues. As long as you used tracked shipping you're fully covered and should be able to review your tracking details for updates. 


I think the item has been lost in transit

If you've shipped your item and the tracking has stopped updating, it may be that your item is delayed or lost in transit. To get an update and work with the buyer to resolve this, reach out to your shipping provider.


I arranged my own shipping / I used 'Ship with USPS' via Depop

If you arranged your own shipping or used our Depop x USPS shipping labels, here are some instructions for looking into your shipping issue:

  1. Check your tracking
  2. Reach out to your buyer to update them
  3. Contact your shipping provider to ask for an update or report a lost item
  4. If your parcel has been delayed, update your buyer and let them know when they can expect the item to be delivered
  5. If your item has been confirmed lost, claim compensation from your shipping provider
  6. Refund your buyer in full for the sale
  7. Get your lost in transit compensation directly from the shipping provider
  8. Having trouble with part of this process or need a Depop fee refund? Reach out to Depop Support


I used 'Ship with Evri' via Depop

The process is slightly different if you are based in the UK and used 'Ship with Evri' in-app label. Here, we will handle the lost in transit process for you.

  1. Review the tracking
  2. Contact our Support team to let us know that your tracking hasn't updated within 30 days of using the label
  3. Wait for our Support team to update you Update your buyer to let them know that we're looking into it
  4. Item confirmed as lost? You'll have to refund your buyer, and we'll be able to offer compensation of up to £20 unless you purchased further insurance


My buyer has opened a dispute

Not to worry as long as you sold through the Depop BUY button and used tracked shipping, you are covered by Seller Protection. If your buyer has opened a dispute, you should respond with your proof of tracked shipping.

  • Keep your proof of tracked shipping to resolve any possible disputes
  • Stay on top of your emails to ensure you provide proof of shipping within the dispute time frames
  • Keep the buyer in the loop about any updates so they are aware of any issues
  • Contact your shipping provider using the steps above to confirm whether the item is lost
  • Won a dispute but heard that the item is lost in transit? Apply for compensation from your shipping provider and refund your buyer
  • Need some help resolving an issue? Contact Depop Support
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