The seller I purchased from is no longer active

All purchases made in-app using the BUY button are protected by Buyer Protection. If your item has not arrived or is not as described, we'll be able to help you get this resolved.


Why can't I see my seller's account?

If the seller you purchased from is no longer visible in the app, don't worry! 

There are a few different reasons why you can no longer see your seller's profile.

  • They may have to resolve an account issue
  • We may have suspended their account
  • You might have been blocked
  • The seller may have closed their account

In any of these situations, you are still fully protected and will get a full refund should your item not arrive or be significantly not as described.

We'll also review the seller's account as blocking a buyer or closing an account during a transaction is against our terms.


How do I report this?

  • Report this to us through the app

Tap  Profile.png > Receipts > Tap on the transaction > Scroll to the bottom > Select the relevant issue

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