How do I get featured on the Explore page?

The Explore section is curated by the Depop Editorial Team, in line with our in-house style guidelines. Having original photography that follows our Photo Guide is THE best way to be featured, period.

First and foremost, do remember to:

  • Only transact inside the app, through the Buy button;
  • Use only pictures taken by yourself, no stealing, stock photos or for example e-commerce screenshots!
  • Abide by the Community Guidelines 

When the basics are covered, good quality images and accurate description of your items really helps get our attention.

These are a great starting point, but do remember that not being featured on the Explore page doesn't mean you can't grow your shop. You'll still be seen, and we know loads of users with big followings without being featured. After all Depop is all about that community, so if your shop seems slow go ahead and interact with the community, share your shop, comment and spread the love. 

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