How can I swap or trade safely?

When using Depop, it's important to make sure that you stay safe and protected with Depop Protection while you transact.

If you are arranging swaps or trades on Depop, you need to ensure that you do so safely to be covered by Depop Protection.


How can I make sure I am swapping safely?

When arranging a swap, it's important to ensure that you are doing so safely and will still have Depop Protection should something go wrong.

  1. When you are arranging a swap, organise to do this through the Depop BUY button to make sure that you are both protected
  2. Agree a fair price for the items you are swapping. This will be the amount you are covered for with Buyer Protection, should something go wrong
  3. Create listings for the swap and set the price that you both agreed on
  4. Purchase each other's listing using the BUY button - this will mean that you both receive an equal amount of funds, so no-one is out of pocket. Doing this step ensures that the transactions are on our system and will be covered with Buyer Protection/Seller Protection
  5. Send your items off with tracked proof of postage - keep a photo of this and/or your original receipt to confirm that the item has been shipped

What isn't covered by Depop Protection?

  • Items sold or swapped outside of the Depop BUY button. If you did not process your swap through the BUY button, we won't be able to offer Protection
  • Report this to us, so we can start a dispute
  • Swapping prohibited items - we aren't able to offer protection on some items such as digital products, so avoid swapping, buying and listing any of these
  • Items swapped for £1 or low amounts - we are only able to offer protection on the cost of the item on the transaction, if you set the price too low, we may not be able to offer protection for the full cost of your item


I need help with a swap or trade

If something has gone wrong with a swap, we're on hand to help you look into this.


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