How to take great photos and videos

 Want to take better photos? We've got that covered.  


  • Find a bright space, next to or near a window for that natural, clear lighting  
  • If you need to shoot with light, be careful. Invest in some professional studio lighting, don't worry there are some super inexpensive soft boxes and flat pack lighting kits online
  • Any other form of artificial lighting could give your photos a yellow tint, warped colours and cast unwanted shadows 
  • Outdoors in your garden on a cloudy day is best for lighting. (bright and flat) Direct sunlight can wash out colours and create shadows


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  • Keep it simple but interesting. Try using a backdrop that doesn’t divert the buyers attention from the product, whether its something classic or more DIY. Get creative but understand and compliment the item in question
  • Top Tip: maybe go for flat lays over hanger shots. This will make your item up to 60% more likely to sell. Either way, a great background can really make or break the image
  • Try to keep a sense of consistency in your listings. This doesn't mean every photo has to be the same but stick to an overall theme or colour. This will help give your shop its identity and means buyers can recognise your listings, which means more sales
  • It's a good idea to take a "fit pic". Don't worry, this doesn't mean you need to hire any professional models, you could just ask a friend and set up your own photoshoot. This even gives you a chance to explore styling your pieces and provides the customer with a better overall idea of the item, how it fits and sizing


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  • Top tip. Utilise all 4 images. Taking up to 4 photos instead of just 1 can increase your chances of selling by up to 20%. This means you have more choice of what to show. e.g front, back, labeling/brand details and on a model. Any variation of these makes for a much stronger listing
  • If you are taking a video, show a 360-degree view. This helps to show off the items angles and details
  • When filming, the camera picks up a lot of background noise. Either choose your location carefully or you can remove the audio completely and even add music over the top
  • The video will be the first thing a buyer sees on a listing, so make sure you pick a frame for your cover to make it pop.
  • Stock photos are images that have been taken from another website without their permission. Using stock photos is often a breach of copyright and as a result against our terms of use. Upload a listing with stock photos and it will probably be removed so always make sure you're making your own content.


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Photos are the heartbeat of Depop. From flat lays, model shots and even close-ups, you can instantly attract customers and increase sales with 10% more effort. Take a good photo, become a global superstar.








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