What is an eCheque?


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Sometimes you may see payments from buyers as pending - this is usually as they chose the method of paying by e-cheque. This often means that they have paid via credit card, which can take slightly longer for PayPal to process compared to normal payments.


What should I do?

As the payment is still pending, wait until it has completed before sending your item off.

  • Wait for the payment to show as completed before you ship your item
  • Message your buyer to keep them in the loop 
  • Ship your item with tracked postage when your payment clears
  • Contact your buyer to keep them updated on the timeframe


Can I prevent these types of payments?

As these payments can take slightly longer to process, you can choose not to accept them on PayPal. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Go to your PayPal homepage and log in
  • Scroll down the left-hand column to the bottom, to Selling Tools
  • Click on Seller preferences which will take you to a page where you can manage incoming payments
  • In order to block e-Cheques, please scroll down to Getting paid and managing risk
  • Select Block payments
  • Scroll down to e-cheques
  • You will need to select this and save the changes so it updates to your account


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