Suggested Sellers

To be selected for, and to stay in the 'meet the sellers' category you must always have at least 5 good product listings on sale.

Here are some pointers to what qualifies as a ‘good’ product listing:

It must:

  • Be photographed well and be aesthetically pleasing
  • Have price point above £/$/€25
  • Have good descriptions
  • Be a product that users can purchase (i.e. not sold or be a shop policy/ promotion listing)

It must not

  • Be a stock image (you have to own the image rights)
  • Have borders or be a collage (these images have a lower sell-through rate)
  • Have watermarks or other kinds of tag/ writing on it
  • Have hashtag spam
  • Have all the first 5 listings with sold items (as it puts off potential buyers from engaging with your shop)
  • Include anything that goes against our terms and conditions 


If you break the rules or don’t meet the requirements, you won’t be able to be part of the “Meet the Seller Section”. You can be taken off the Explore page at any moment if you don’t comply with the guidelines mentioned above. So make sure you follow our T&C's and keep listing!

If you prefer flat lays over modelled listings, make sure they’re neat, wrinkle-free and photographed.

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