I can't list an item

Struggling to list an item?

Check the following:

  • Your connection. Try listing your item using only WiFi or mobile data.
  • Hashtags and key words. Make sure you have only used 5 or less hashtags in your item description. Double check you’re not using any offensive, abusive, or prohibited terms in your description.
  • The item information. You'll need to select a location, category and condition to be able to post a listing - make sure that info is added.
  • Your shipping price should not be over 100 USD. In case you are selling in a different currency the shipping price in your currency will have to be below the equivalent of 100 USD when calculated with the current exchange rate.
  • If you’re in the UK or US: You have Depop Payments set up. You need to have Depop Payments in order to be able to list and sell on Depop.
  • If you’re outside the UK or US: You have an active PayPal account. You may be redirected to PayPal if attempting to list an item without a verified PayPal account linked to Depop


Need more help?

Send us a report, so we can review, do send over screenshots of any error messages you're receiving and full screen recording of what you are entering in each field.



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