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You asked, we listened!

Introducing the Depop bundles feature to make it easier for buyers and sellers to buy multiple items in one go.


What is a bundle?

A bundle is when a buyer purchases 2 or more items from the same seller at once.

How does the bundles feature work?

Simply tap buy on the items you want to purchase to add them to your bag. When you want to checkout, just tap the bag icon on the top right hand side of the screen and purchase.

As a seller you can relax. To increase your chances of selling bundles, set up free shipping in the "shop" icon under shop settings.


Does having an item in my bag reserve it?

No! If you have bagged an item, someone else can purchase it whilst it sits in your bag. If this does happen it will appear as 'sold' in your bag before you pay.


How do I offer a buyer free shipping on bundles?

To set up free shipping for bundles, go to the "shop" icon under shop settings > turn on. This means a buyer will get free national/domestic shipping if they purchase two or more items at the same time from you.

As a seller, you will need to pay for shipping costs if you decide to give buyers free shipping. 


How will a bundle purchase/sale appear in the app?

Pretty much the same! When you select the purchase/sale in your receipts it will then take you through to show each item in the bundle. If you click on each item you can go through to the individual receipt for each item.


How many reviews do I get per bundle?

Each item in a bundle is counted individually so you get a review and a sale/purchase count for each item i.e. a bundle of 3 items will mean 3 reviews and 3 sales/purchases.


How will a bundle purchase appear in PayPal?

As a buyer you will see one payment to the seller. This will appear in your PayPal account as one lump sum, however If you click into this transaction, in the 'Purchase Details' will be a breakdown of each individual item and its cost.


How will a bundle sale appear in PayPal?

The payment you receive from the buyer for the total cost of items, will appear in your PayPal account as one lump sum. If you click into this transaction, in the 'Purchase Details' will be a breakdown of each individual item and its cost. You will still however be charged both a Depop fee and PayPal fee PER ITEM. The Depop fees will appear as separate payments to Depop Limited in your PayPal activity.  


How do bundles work with USPS shipping?

If the items in the bundle were listed with USPS, we'll give the seller 1 USPS label to cover all the items.

E.g  if it's a 2 item bundle, and both items were listed as small package size, we'll give the seller a medium label.

To view your shipping label when you have sold something, go to your sold item receipts. It will be the same label on both receipts so remember to ship your items together, that's the whole point of a bundle!

If the items in a bundle are a mix of USPS and 'ship it yourself', we'll give sellers a label to cover any items listed with USPS. Sellers will need to arrange their own shipping for items sold in a bundle that were listed with 'ship it yourself'. 


How does the free shipping toggle work with USPS?

If the seller has the free shipping toggle ON, the seller will be charged for the USPS label. 

If the seller has the free shipping toggle OFF, the buyer will pay the shipping cost. 







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