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To offer free shipping on bundles, you will need to go to Settings > Preferences, and toggle the option for Bundle Discounts to 'ON'. Once enabled, a buyer will receive free shipping if they purchase two or more items at the same time from you.

We recommend you enable this preference to improve your chances of selling bundles.

If your buyer has already purchased an item and you'd like to offer free or cheaper shipping, you can offer a partial refund for the additional shipping costs.

If you do reimburse your buyer partially, you're entitled to request a partial Depop fee refund - simply click here and fill out the following form.

Select Selling > I have a payments related issue > I have a PayPal related issue > Depop fee refund.

We'll just need you to confirm:

  • The email address linked to your Depop account
  • Your Depop username (ex. @username)
  • Your buyer's Depop username (ex. @username)
  • Attach proof of partial refund to the buyer (i.e. screenshot of the refunded transaction in your PayPal account) 
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