Password security

To keep everyone in our community safe, we’ve made a few changes to improve password security and prevent hacking.


What’s changed?

We’re now checking online databases of leaked passwords and preventing new accounts from being set up using any of these. This also applies if you’re resetting your password.


Why have we done this?


Your Depop shop contains sensitive information and we want to make sure that your data doesn’t get into the wrong hands. By blocking passwords that we know are weak, we’re making sure that you’re protecting yourself from people who might be checking these databases and trying to hack accounts. But don’t worry – we haven’t been compromised and your account is secure. This is just a decision we’ve made to keep our Community safe.


My new password isn’t being accepted


We suggest you include capital letters and numbers in your password. But we’ll still reject some passwords with capital letters and numbers if they appear on the databases we check. If this happens to you, try these tips to create a strong password:

  • Make it long - the more characters your password has the tougher it is to crack
  • Don’t forget symbols - adding symbols into your password can make it more unpredictable and harder to guess (! . , @)
  • Use a memorable phrase or sentence instead of just one word
  • Stay away from the obvious - such as ‘0’ instead of ‘o’
  • Use a password manager - these auto-generate and store strong passwords for you, making your password stronger
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