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Depop is a fashion marketplace where people come to buy, sell and discover fashion from all over the world. Users over the age of 13 (years) are welcome to set up an account and be part of our community.

If your child is looking to join Depop, you probably have questions as a parent or guardian. In this article, you can find information to give you more of an understanding of our app.

Basics about buying and selling on Depop


Depop Payments and PayPal

  • To buy on Depop a user needs to complete the checkout process via the ‘Buy’ button in-app and use either Depop Payments if in the US or UK, or PayPal if in the rest of the world.
  • Depop Payments is our in house payment system which offers Apple Pay, Google Pay and card payments directly through the app, and it’s completely separate to PayPal. 
  • Payments sent directly to a seller outside of our payment system or the "buyer" button are not safe and are not covered by buyer or seller protection. If a seller requests money to be sent to them directly without using the “Buy” button, please report them to us so we can take action - requesting direct money transfers breaks our Community Guidelines and means that we can’t help out if anything goes wrong with the transaction. 
  • To use PayPal on Depop (outside the UK and US),  anyone who is under 18 will need to use the PayPal account of someone aged 18 or over. We always advise younger users to have a chat with their parent(s) or guardian before making a sale.
  • If under 18, to sell or buy items through Depop Payments we always ask our users to talk to their parent or guardian as they may be required to provide a valid ID, or SSN if they are in the US, so we can verify their Stripe account (the platform we use to power Depop payments) 
  • If you do give your child permission to use your PayPal account or payment card, ID or SSN remember that the account holder – i.e. you – are responsible for responding to any transaction disputes opened through PayPal. When connecting PayPal to Depop, the selling fee is a pre-approved payment, this means Depop has the permission to charge the Depop fee to your PayPal account. 



  • As long as transactions are done through the ‘Buy’ button on Depop, Buyer and Seller Protection applies. 
  • If a device is lost or stolen, unless PayPal OneTouch is enabled on the device, the user always has to log back into the PayPal account to complete checkout. To be on the safe side, we advise checking the settings if you’re giving another person permission to use your account.
  • Passwords can be reset inside the app by going to Profile > Settings, or from



  • Bullying and harassment are not tolerated on the app because it prevents Depop users from feeling safe, included and respected.
  • We actively ban accounts that promote, encourage or distribute sexually explicit or pornographic content/harassment.
  • We champion equality and individuality. We do not tolerate any hatred towards anyone. This includes on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, identity or disability.
  • We have zero-tolerance for threats of violence towards another user. This can include death threats, scare tactics, or hate speech.
  • We don’t allow the glorification of self-harm, including promotion of self-injury or eating disorders. If you’re looking for help, please get in touch with someone from the Support Team at Depop, or check out our list of Wellbeing Resources.
  • We remove any/all illegal items and/or sellers associated with items such as drugs, weapons and counterfeit (fake) items. You can see all our prohibited items here.
  • Buying and selling is only safe when you use the ‘Buy’ button in the app.

Users have the ability to block other users from viewing their profile, commenting on their listings or sending messages. You can find out how to block another user here.


Help & support

  • If you or your child see a prohibited item on Depop, please report it to us following the steps outlined here. We review all item reports regularly and will remove any unwanted content from the app.
  • If you or your child sees a seller engaging in behaviour that breaks our Community Guidelines or makes them feel unsafe in any way, please report them to us following the steps outlined here. We review all user reports and will take the appropriate action to protect our community. We’ll reach out to you by email if we need any further information, and to let you know how we’ve resolved the issue. 
  • If at any time another user makes you or your child feel unsafe, uncomfortable, or is posting anything you don’t want to see on the app, we also recommend that you block the user as well as reporting them to us. This will prevent them from seeing your child’s profile, sending them messages, or commenting on their items. 
  • Need help and not sure how to report? Contact us by submitting a request though our Help Centre

Share this document and our Community Guidelines with anyone thinking about or already signed to Depop. 

Any questions? Get in touch via with as much information as possible.



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