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Everything you need to know to help bring your Depop shop to the wider world

Running a Depop shop takes hard work and dedication and so does getting your shop’s name out there. It’s important to take time out and build an action plan to promote your shop and help it thrive. Follow the tips below to help you get started. 


1) Listings

Great photography + accurate and succinct descriptions + constantly active on Depop = improved chance of selling. 

Help your listings stand out:

  • Make sure all listings are clear and easy to understand. The buyer should immediately know what you are selling. 
  • Try using a backdrop that doesn’t divert the buyer's attention from the product. Keep it simple but interesting. 
  • Make sure that the keywords in your item’s description are relevant. You are more likely to sell with a well-written, relevant and interesting description. Try to think about the end buyer: picture yourself in their shoes and consider what they are most likely to be searching for to find your item and then include this in your description. 
  • Keep listing new items. A well-stocked shop will get more eyes. 


2) Peak times

Like any shopping platform, Depop has peak times, where there are more buyers shopping and browsing. Remember to keep active during these times. 

Peak times: 

  • Evenings 
  • Weekends
  • Payday and Student loan drops
  • Seasonal times, Christmas, Black Friday etc. 

When you are listing your items keep these times in mind. That doesn’t mean these are the only times you should be listing, but they are the key times when more buyers will be browsing. 


3) Outside of Depop

Always market your business. Try to create a buzz around your Depop shop and promote your brand. 

Think about the little touches. Give your buyers a great experience so they shout about your brand for you. Throw in a personalised thank-you card, or give them a discount on their next order so they get talking about your brand, whether that's on social media or chatting to a friend. 


4) Social media

You can try promoting their shop using Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest and X, but the most effective tool for our community is Instagram. Like Depop, it’s a visual showcase of your brand. Sharing photos, videos of your products and moments from your lifestyle is a great way to catch the attention and trust of potential buyers outside of the Depop community. 

What content should you share? 

  • New in stock
  • Behind the scenes
  • Lifestyle shots
  • Promotional activity ie. sales, free shipping 

Drive more traffic with Shop Share: 

The Shop Share feature lets sellers highlight their best items and latest drops on social media. It looks good and it’s easy to use. Just go to your shop and click the blue button to share to Instagram Stories. 

We’ve tested this tool with Depop sellers and found regardless of how many followers you have, sharing your shop in an Instagram story (using the right hashtags) sees an 11% increase in searches for their shop in-app as a result. 

Heads up: you need to have at least 4 items listed for the tool to appear. If it’s not there, get listing. 

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