UK sellers: When will my Payout be deposited in my bank account?

This article will help explain how payouts work for UK users. If you’re based in the US, payouts work slightly differently. Read more here

If you've sold using Depop Payments, your payout will be added to your Depop Balance and then paid out directly into your bank account.


How do payouts work?

Once a buyer purchases from you via Depop Payments, the money goes straight to your Depop Balance, where it will remain pending until paid out to your linked bank account, every 10 working days.   You can keep an eye on your Payout schedule and everything you'll need to know in the Selling Hub in the App - this will show the amount being paid, the last 4 digits of your Account Number the Payout is going to and when it's due.


In order to receive your Payout you'll need to ensure you have linked a valid bank account and have verified your Depop Payments account by providing your ID during sign up. You must also be over 18 to use Depop Payments. 


Can I change how often I get payouts? 

We currently only offer a Payout schedule of 10 working days however there may be some users who are on a slightly different set due to early sign up.  


When are payouts processed?

When you sell an item using Depop Payments you should receive payment typically within 10 working days. You might however see a 2-3 day difference in processing times depending on who you bank with. If you haven’t received your payout after a significant amount of time over 10 days from the date of sale – contact Support.


Why is my payment 'Pending'?

‘Payment pending’ means the buyer has paid but your funds are waiting to clear. Once they do, you’ll see them in your available Depop Balance where they will sit safely until paid out to your connected bank account. For more information on how to add a bank account click here.


Why is my payment 'On hold'?

'Payment on hold' means the buyer has raised an issue with this purchase. Your funds are being held until that issue is resolved.


When can I ship my item?

Straight away! Through Depop Payments your money is guaranteed as soon as the sale is made. It will sit safely in your Depop Balance until it is paid out to you.


Why has my payment failed?

If your payout has failed, you should be able to check why this has happened within your Depop Balance activity within the selling hub.


Tap Seller_Hub.png > Payments > Depop Balance > Select your failed payout > review to find out what might need to be resolved. It could be for one of the following reasons.

  • The connected bank account is restricted

  • The connected bank account has been closed 

  • The currency doesn't match your account

  • Your bank couldn't process the payout 

  • Your bank details are incorrect

  • Your account number is incorrect

  • Your account holder name is incorrect

  • The bank no longer supports payouts 

Struggling to resolve your issue through the app? Contact Depop Support



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