What does Depop class as 'significantly not as described'?

There are a range of items for sale on Depop, these include preloved, sample and handmade items. Not every item for sale may be in pristine condition.


What does 'significantly not as described' mean?


An item being 'significantly not as described' means that the item which has been received is significantly different compared to the photos or description used in the original listing.


When listing an item for sale, it's a seller's responsibility to ensure that the description and photos accurately reflect the item.


Depop will step in to review and resolve the issue if you have bought or sold an item which differs greatly from the description or photos provided.


What does this cover?

Here are some examples of item issues that would be covered by the term 'significantly not as described'

  • Incorrect sizes 
  • Wrong colours
  • Counterfeit items
  • Severe damage to the item
  • Major wear or flaws which were not detailed on the listing
  • Incorrect item/s
  • Missing items in bundles

What isn't covered?

  • Smells 
  • Minor damage on second hand or vintage items
  • Material looks different than it did in the images
  • Doesn’t fit or doesn’t look right 
  • Items purchased outside of the Depop BUY button


My item is significantly not as described

If you have paid through Depop Payments and your item is significantly not as described, we'll be able to help you out.

We'll review your proof against the original listing and may contact the seller to investigate further. You're covered by Buyer Protection if we verify that the item is significantly not as described.


My buyer says the item they received is not as described

If you have sold an item and your buyer is claiming that the item is not as described, you can ask them to contact Depop to open a dispute. Through this, we'll be able to mediate and come to a resolution which protects both of you.

  • Read our guide to resolving this here
  • Stay in communication with your buyer and work toward a resolution which works for both of you
  • Ask the buyer to start a dispute by reporting this to our Support team
  • Check your emails and provide proof of the item's condition or authenticity if requested
  • Issue a full refund should your item be returned to you

Read our guide to Seller Protection here


I bought through PayPal

If you have transacted through PayPal and are having issues with an item, you will have to resolve this through PayPal.

  1. Read our guide to resolving these issues here
  2. Contact your seller to let them know
  3. Document any item issues with photos
  4. Open a PayPal 'Not as described' dispute to request a refund or a return
  5. Struggling to resolve the issue? Ensure that you escalate your dispute to receive a refund
  6. Returning your item? Send this with tracked postage to make sure you get your refund ASAP

Been through a PayPal dispute and still need some help?


I sold through PayPal

If you sold an item via PayPal, you will have to resolve issues around the item's condition directly with the buyer or through a dispute.

  1. Have a look at our guide here
  2. If possible resolve the issue with the buyer before a dispute is raised
  3. Locate any pictures you have of your item's condition
  4. Should a dispute be raised, stay on top of this by checking your emails and keeping PayPal updated with proof
  5. Try to reach a resolution with your buyer before an escalation is required

Please note that for certain circumstances such as the sale of confirmed counterfeit items, PayPal and Depop may not be able to arrange or facilitate a return.

Still need help? Contact Depop Support

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