I haven't received my item and I paid via Depop Payments (card payments)

All purchases via Depop Payments are covered by Buyer Protection and dealt with in house - If you paid via PayPal however, click here for alternative instructions


Not sure which payment method you used?

To double check which payment method you used to purchase your item: Tap to open Your Profile > Select the receipt icon top centre, to view your 'Purchased' receipts > Select the transaction in question > then Under 'Payment Sent', you'll see: "Paid [amount] with Depop Payments/ PayPal"


What do I do next?

If you haven't done so already, make sure you follow these steps to get some more information on your purchase and it’s shipment:

  • Start a conversation - Try messaging the Seller to ask for an update
  • Check the tracking number on your receipt to see the status of your order or ask the seller for proof of shipment

If you try the above but then haven't heard back or have been waiting over 7 days, you'll need to report this through the Resolution Centre and start a dispute. We think it’s fair to give sellers 7 days to get your item packed up and shipped out to you before the dispute process can begin.


With Depop Payments, you can report an item not arrived, up to 30 days from the transaction date.


Missing part of your bundle?

If you purchased a bundle but are missing any of the items once it arrives, you'll need to start a 'Not as described' dispute. To do so, check out this article.


I paid using a different method

Out-of-app payments do not offer any protection and are against our rules. We'll need you to report this to us so we can take action against the Seller, and help keep Depop a safe place to buy and sell.

  • Head to  Profile > Settings > Need help?
  • Buying > My purchase > Scroll to the bottom and select Item not Shown
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