I can’t access my Depop Shipping label

Which shipping option did I choose?

To be able to access your shipping label through the app, you have to select ‘Depop Shipping' before your buyer purchases your item.

To check which shipping option was selected, follow these instructions:

  • Tap Seller_Hub.png > All Sold Items
  • Select your transaction > Review your sales receipt
  • You'll either see View my Shipping Label or Mark as Shipped


My receipt says 'Mark as Shipped'

If you see the button Mark as Shipped this will mean that you have chosen to arrange your own shipping. You won't receive a label generated by Depop for this sale.

Double check your other listings to make sure that you have Depop Shipping selected so you get a Depop Shipping label for any future sales.


My receipt says 'View my Shipping label'

Once you click on ‘View my shipping label’ you can either download the shipping label and print it at home or you can just scan your QR code at your nearest Post Office, print a shipping label in-store and drop your item off all in one go.


I still can't access my label

If you still aren't able to access your label after 48 hours, please submit a request and we'll take a closer look.

  1. Select Selling > Shipping > I have an issue with my Depop shipping label > I can't access my Depop Label
  2. Confirm the following:

- Your @username

- Your buyer's @username



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