I don't recognise a fee or charge

Buyers: I don't recognise a fee or charge

Go to your order receipts to see a breakdown of the fees applied to your purchase. For more information on fees for buyers, see here

Sellers: I don't recognise a fee or charge

When you sell an item using Depop Payments, Depop will automatically charge the applicable fees. If selling using Paypal, fees are charged directly from your PayPal account. For more information on seller fees and charges on Depop, see here

Confused about a fee you have been charged? All fees we charge are related to transactions on Depop.  

If you’re a seller: you can always check your sales breakdown on recent sales through the Depop app. Go to My Depop > Settings Menu (top right) > Scroll to Selling > Sold Items.

You will be charged a Depop fee automatically after a sale. This sometimes can be delayed up to 21 days if selling via PayPal.

I have recent sales

When working out your fees or total sales amount, factor in the payment processing fee charged by PayPal/Stripe. You will be paid the total item cost plus shipping, but the payment processing fee and selling fees (where payable) will be deducted from the total amount you receive.

I arranged my own shipping

If you have arranged your own shipping, the selling fees (where payable) apply to your final item price plus the shipping cost.

  • Review your recent sales receipts. If you have accidentally charged too much for shipping or put a higher/lower value for the item cost, your selling fee may be higher than expected.
  • If you opted to arrange your own shipping, you will set your shipping cost at listing and the buyer will pay for this on top of the item price. Upon sale, you will receive the shipping cost and should arrange your own shipping. You can set the shipping price to £0 (free shipping) if you wish, but you (the seller) would need to cover the shipping price in this case.

I used Boosted Listings

If you use Boosted Listings, you will be charged a fee if the buyer viewed the boosted tile and went on to purchase the item within 28 days. If this happens, you will be charged an additional 8% fee. Read more about how Boosted Listings works here.  


I sold a bundle

If you sold a bundle on Depop, selling fees (where payable) will apply for each item you sold. These will show separately, so make sure you review how many items you sold. The payment processing fees will apply once per bundle transaction.

Check your current bundle settings on the app. Tap Profile > menu on top right > Scroll to Selling > Tap Shipping > Tap Bundles.

  • Free shipping
    • You will be covering the shipping costs for all items in your bundle
    • Sold with a Depop label? You will be charged for the cost of the entire label
    • Depending on the label sizes on your items, your label may be upgraded to a larger size
    • The fee and/or label deduction may be taken per item rather than as a single fee
    • Arranging your own shipping? The shipping costs will be set to £/$/€0 and you will only be paid for the item costs

  • Highest Shipping Price
    • The buyer will cover the shipping for the item with the highest shipping cost
    • You you will cover the shipping costs for the other items
    • Using a Depop label? You will be paid for the item and label cost for the item with the highest shipping price
    • You will be charged for the remaining label price after the highest shipping cost is covered by the buyer
    • The shipping price all of the labels will still be deducted with the fees
    • Depending on the size and labels on your items, your label may be upgraded to a larger size
    • Arranging your own shipping? You will receive the funds for the item and the price of the highest shipping cost
    • You will only receive the item costs for other bundle items
    • The fee and/or label deduction may be show as per bundle item instead of a single fee

No shipping discount

  • The buyer will cover the shipping costs for all items in the bundle
  • You will receive the item costs and shipping
  • Using a Depop label? The shipping cost will still be deducted with the Depop fees
  • Arranging your own shipping? You'll only have the Depop fees deducted
  • The fee/label deduction may be removed per item rather than as a single fee

I can't find a sale that relates to this fee

Struggling to find a sale on your account that relates to a fee you've been charged?

  • Review your recent transactions on Depop
  • Review your PayPal activity history
  • Look for a charge directly on your bank account
  • Check your Depop automatic payments funding source:
    • Login to your PayPal account > Settings > Payments > View automatic payments > Select Depop > Check which account is set up for your funding source
    • If you did not have enough money in your PayPal balance, some of the selling fee costs may have been deducted from your connected bank account
    • Check with your banking provider to see whether this may be a charge linked to an extended account limit or unauthorised overdraft
  •  Check your other email addresses. If you sold through Depop you will always have a transaction receipt emailed to you after a sale
  • Review any previous Depop accounts you may have. If any open accounts have active listings, people may still be able to purchase your items, which will result in fees
  • Have you previously allowed someone else to use your PayPal account on Depop? Check in with them. If they have not removed it, your PayPal account may still be linked and charged for fees
  • Share a PayPal account with family or friends? Check which details are being used as a funding source for Depop fees 
  • Need more help? Contact Support. Please send over your @username, email address, PayPal email and a screenshot of the charge

I haven't been charged a fee for a sale yet

When selling with Depop Payments (via Stripe), fees are deducted automatically when your item sells. If you have sold an item through PayPal but haven't been charged a fee just yet, don't worry. Our fees are taken automatically so you can expect to see this being processed via PayPal soon.

  • Sometimes we might not be able to take our fee at the time of the sale
  • You can be charged for the Depop fee up to 21 days after a sale
  • Our fees are charged automatically so you don't need to take any action
  • Make sure that you have a funding source linked on PayPal for automatic payments
  • Remember, where payable, we charge a 10% selling fee on your item sale price and shipping cost if you arrange your own shipping method (see here for more information).
  • Check any previous Depop accounts or linked accounts through friends or family that you have previously used PayPal on
  • Need a further breakdown? Contact Support
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