I've received a suspicious message from another user, or a suspicious email claiming to be Depop

External parties not affiliated with Depop may be attempting to access your account by using deceptive emails and websites that appear to come from a legitimate source, also known as phishing. Be suspicious of any unusual requests asking for any of your sensitive information, e.g. personal or financial details, by email or phone. 


Someone is asking me to share personal information via the Depop platform

We strongly recommend against sharing any personal information via Messages. Sharing email addresses, phone numbers or any other personal information could result in external parties not affiliated with Depop attempting to access your account, which is known as phishing.

It is also against Depop's Terms of Service to transact outside of the app. Only ever purchase items in app, by clicking the 'Buy' button

If you believe someone is acting suspiciously, please report the user to our Support teams who will review the account and take appropriate action.

If you have shared personal information with another user, contact us directly and follow the steps detailed here


I've received a suspicious email claiming to be from Depop

If you’ve noticed any suspicious activity – contact us directly and follow the steps detailed here. See below for more immediate steps: 

  • Do not click any of the links or open any attachments within the email
  • Contact us directly via our Help Centre, making sure to take a screenshot of the email – be sure the screenshot includes the sender’s contact information
  • After taking a screenshot of the email, delete it and report it to your email provider as phishing
  • Do not send any items or funds


How do I know if an email is coming from Depop?

There are a few ways to tell whether an email claiming to be from Depop is legit.

  • All proper Depop emails come from an @depop.com email address. Make sure you double check the sender's address.
  • Heads up - we'll never email asking you to share personal info or account details through another website or outside of our app.


I've already provided personal information or opened a link

  • Follow the steps below to change your password. Make sure it’s complex and isn’t used on other sites or apps
  • Update your password on any other websites where you use the same email and password combination
  • If you entered payment information, contact your financial institution immediately



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