I can't buy an item

Struggling to check out for an item you love? Don't worry, drop your seller a message to let them know that you're trying to buy an item, they may be able to place this on hold for you while we look into it.


Why can't I check out?

  • If the seller is based outside the UK or US, they may have an issue with their PayPal account. You will need to message the seller and ask them to contact PayPal to resolve this
  • Network issues. There may be an issue with your internet connection, try to check out with just WiFi, or just mobile data
  • Buying from an international seller? They may not have worldwide shipping enabled. You can message the seller asking them to set this up
  • Your address format may be incorrect. Try finding the correct format of your address. Based in the UK? Use this address finder. Based in the US? Use this address finder.
  • Shipping to a university or college address? Take a look at our shipping guide


Still unable to purchase?

Send us a report, include the following:

  • Your @username
  • Your seller's @username
  • A screenshot of the error message




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