Face Mask Policy

What type of face masks are allowed on Depop?

Depop will only permit the sale of handmade masks constructed from fabric or cloth. It is prohibited to sell surgical N95/N100 masks, disposable surgical masks, or masks that you have not hand-made.

Depop reserves the right to remove any masks that we deem inappropriate, misleading or unfairly priced, including items that make medical or health claims relating to Covid-19 or any other condition. We do not allow made-to-order masks and items listed must be available at the time of purchase. 


Why are handmade masks allowed to be sold?

We’ve made this decision because public health guidance now advises to cover your face in public spaces. We want to support our community as they follow that advice, without directing vital resources away from those who need them most, like medical and healthcare workers. 


How should I list my mask on Depop? 

Price your item fairly

  • Price your item with consideration for the cost of materials and labour
  • We recommend that prices should be capped at £15/$20USD/$30AUD/€20 per mask depending on the materials and construction
  • If you choose to price your masks beyond this guide, please include justification for pricing in your product description
  • Depop reserves the right to remove listings that we deem to be unfairly priced

List all the features in the product description

  • Include details such as number of fabric layers, presence of filters or filter pockets, measurements, cleaning instructions, and materials used 
  • Include information about sizing of the mask and any adjustments that can be made for an appropriate fit for your buyer

Think sustainably

  • Prioritise fabrics and materials you already have
  • If using new fabrics, research them and understand their impacts before buying. You can use the CFDA Materials Index to do so. Generally, we recommend prioritising organic or recycled fabrics if you can 
  • Avoid glitter or any customisation likely to generate microplastic shedding during the wash

Don't make medical claims

  • Don’t list or describe your masks as medical or health items
  • Don’t make references to Covid-19, Coronavirus or any other terms that relate to the pandemic or any other health or medical condition
  • Don't make claims about your masks meeting CDC, PHE, HSE, MHRA or any other official approval or compliance
  • Don’t make claims about your masks preventing, reducing, treating, mitigating or curing any medical conditions. This kind of medical claim is prohibited even if you believe the claim to be true and regardless of any disclaimer you include
  • Don’t make references to specific medical conditions, illnesses or diseases in your listing
  • Don’t refer to external resources as a basis to make any health or medical claim
  • Don’t sell masks designed or intended for children under the age of 2

Seen something that shouldn't be on Depop? Report it to us.

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