Simple tips for taking great photos of your listings


Photos are a key part of any good listing - a great image can be enough to capture any buyer’s attention. And you don’t need to be a pro photographer to take great photos of your listing.


Getting started

You don’t need any special equipment - just grab your phone and start shooting. You can upload your pics straight to the listing. Remember to shoot in a square format so your photos are sized for the grid.


Light it up

Use natural lighting. Try taking your photos near a window or outside. Dark lighting can make it hard to see details and colours on the item. And remember, avoid using flash since having a visible flash can add harsh shadows to your image.



Find your style

There are three different ways you can arrange your items in your image: flat lay, hanger shot or modeled by you or someone else. Your first picture is your chance to make a real impression for your item. For all types of photo, centre the item in the first shot so the whole item is visible.



Choose your backdrop

Backdrops can help your item stand out - a plain background, like a painted wall or a piece of coloured card, makes for a bold look, but you can also get creative with different fabrics and textures. Try not to use a background that’s too busy or cluttered - it can distract from your item.



It’s all in the details

Buyers love to see details of the item they are purchasing. Make sure to show any rips, stains or signs of wear. Include a pic of the label or a close-up of the item’s texture.



Use Your Own Photos

It’s important to make sure you only use photos taken by you. Don't use stock photos or images you found online in your listing - this is against our seller guidelines and your item will be removed.


That’s everything you need to know to take great photos for your items.





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