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How do I set up Depop Payments?

Sign up by heading to the Selling hub and tap the Depop Payments banner.  Follow the steps and add your full name, date of birth, phone number, address and activate Depop Balance. 

Already signed up?  You’ll also need to add a bank account number and sort code to get paid directly into your bank account.  

Complete these steps by heading in-app and tap Seller_Hub.png > Payments > Settings. 

Make sure to add your ID for account verification – you must be 18 or over to have a Depop Payments account. 


How do I set up my bank account details in app? 

Tap Seller_Hub.png > Payments > Payment Settings  > Add bank account.


How do I edit my bank account details in app?

Tap Seller_Hub.png > Payments > Payment Settings > Bank account > Edit bank account.


You won’t receive payouts until your account is verified and has a bank account connected. Don’t worry – any money you make from your sales will sit safely in your Depop Balance until you share this information. Learn more about Depop Balance here. Read our Terms of Service here

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