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How are my sales protected without PayPal?

You are protected with Depop Payments from disputes and chargebacks. Read more about how our Seller Protection Policy works here.

How to solve a dispute with a buyer and when to contact us for help.

The buyer says they didn’t receive the order?

Make sure to provide the buyer with a tracking no. so they can follow the delivery updates directly in app.

If you've used in-app shipping and tracking hasn't been updated recently or the delivery seems to have been lost – contact USPS here (for US-based shipping ) and submit an Evri request here (for UK-based shipping ) to raise a claim.

The buyer can open a dispute seven days from the date of sale. If a dispute has been opened against you – respond to the Depop Payments dispute email and include a tracked reference no. as evidence that the item was shipped.

If you sent the order without tracked shipping you won’t be covered by Depop Payments’ Seller Protection policy. The buyer would be eligible for a refund if they haven’t received the item and opened a dispute which isn’t resolved.  If the refund is delayed from you, we will go ahead and refund a buyer on your behalf and debit your Depop Balance. 


The buyer says the item is not as described or the bundle is missing an item?

Contact us here and attach evidence that the item is as described.  We will communicate with both sides to try and find a solution. If we can’t find a solution, we will ask the buyer to return the item with tracked shipping. You will then need to refund the full sale (minus the shipping). Learn about how to issue a refund here.


Do I have to wait for the money to land in my bank account before I ship?

No. Your money is protected under the Depop Payments Seller Protection Policy as soon as the sale is made. Ship right away even if the payout isn’t showing on your bank account balance yet. Learn more about Depop’s Terms of Service here.

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