Learn more about Depop Balance, top-up card and adjustments

To view your Depop Balance and past transactions, including sales and refunds, select Seller_Hub.png > tap Payments> view ‘Depop Balance’.

What is Depop Balance?
Your Depop Balance shows the money you’ve made from sales through Depop Payments (Klarna, Apple Pay, Google Pay or through credit and debit cards). When you’ve made a sale, you’ll see the amount minus fees, added to your Balance. Your available Depop Balance is the amount available to be paid out into your bank account.                 


What is a top-up card?
A top-up card allows you to refund buyers even when your Depop Balance is low. You’ll need to set up a top-up card by adding a credit or a debit card to your account before you can refund buyers who paid through Depop Payments. Click here for more information on how to refund a buyer.

How do I add a top-up card?
Tap Seller_Hub.png > Payments > ‘Payments settings > tap’ Top-up card’.

What is a negative balance?
It’s a Balance of less than zero. If you get a negative balance, we’ll automatically top up your balance by debiting your connected bank account.

For example – if your Depop Balance is -£10, we’ll take a payment of £10 from your connected bank account to top up your Balance so that it’s no longer negative. We’ll also send you a notification before we take the payment so you know what’s going on.


We may also ask you to make a card payment and clear the outstanding negative balance debt through a secure link. (Please note: this link will take you to a third party platform owned and operated by Stripe, which is subject to the Stripe platform terms and conditions. Depop has no control over and is not responsible for your use of the link or any information you provide to Stripe).


What is an adjustment?
Adjustments fees are small additions or deductions (failed fees, dispute reversal, or other issues) from your Depop Balance, made outside of your usual transactions. If you need more information on your adjustment transaction – contact us here with a screenshot.


Why do I need to set up a direct debit for Depop Payments? (UK only)
Sellers will need to set up a direct debit when signing up for Depop Payments. This is to make sure that buyers get paid in the event of a refund or a dispute. Learn more about our direct debit policy here.

When would Depop Payments debit me via direct debit?
a) You perform an in-app refund and don't have enough funds in your Depop Balance to cover it  or
b) You lose a dispute with a buyer and we perform a refund on your behalf (as a seller you’re protected by Depop Payments Seller Protection Policy). Read Depop’s Terms of Service here.

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