Reporting a bug: How it works & what to expect

We want to make your experience the best it can be, but sometimes things don't work as expected. If you come across any issues whilst using Depop, this article will guide you through troubleshooting and resolving the problem yourself. If you’ve followed the steps below and can’t resolve the problem yourself, this article also explains how to raise a ticket with all the information we need to identify, prioritise and fix the issue as quickly as we can.

Basic troubleshooting

We release a new version of the app on a weekly basis, which is how new features and fixes are rolled out. This means it's super important to always have the latest version of the app downloaded on your device, to make sure that you are not suffering from bugs that we have already fixed! You can see which version of the app is the latest here.

If you have got the latest version and are still experiencing an issue, please follow the basic troubleshooting steps below:


  • Delete, re-download the app and login again
  • Check your network coverage and try using the app on both WiFi and mobile data
  • Try and log in to the app on a different device (if possible) to see if the same issue occurs 
  • Log into the web version of Depop to see if the same issue occurs - you can do this from your mobile web browser or a computer


  • Log out of your Depop account, clear the cache and cookies on your browser, restart the browser and then log back in to your account. Steps on how to do this for common browsers are here:
  • Try accessing your account from an incognito/private browsing window

Reporting a bug

If the steps above didn't fix your issue, you can also submit a ticket to Depop so we can help fix the problem. It’s really important to describe the issue as accurately as possible to help us identify and fix the problem quicker. Please go into as much detail as you can and provide the following information:

  • If you’re using the app or web to access Depop
  • The device or browser you're using (e.g. iPhone 13 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S22, Google Chrome etc.)
  • Your device’s OS version (e.g. iOS 15, Android v12)
  • Your app version (you can find this by going to Profile > Settings > Need Help? > Depop version will be displayed at the bottom) 
  • A screen recording showing the issue

Screen recordings help us see the problem in action, which makes it much easier for our teams to work out what's going wrong. A screenshot can show the error you're receiving, but a screen recording helps us see how you got there, so make sure you start recording from when you open the app. 


  • Go to Profile > Settings > Need Help?
  • Select ‘Technical issue’
  • Select ‘Contact us to send a request’
  • Fill out all of the fields, providing as much detail as you can (and a screen recording!)


  • Go to the Help Centre 
  • From the dropdown of options, choose Technical Issue
  • Fill out all of the fields, providing as much detail as you can (and a screen recording!)

What to expect after your report

Once submitted, you'll receive a response to confirm we've received your report. This email will also confirm the troubleshooting steps included above, so please double check you’ve tried all the suggestions. 

Our Support team will review all the details you've provided. If possible, the team will resolve the issue themselves or provide guidance on how you can fix it. If you've reported an issue we haven't seen before, we may need to contact you for some additional details to help us work out what the problem is. 


How bugs are fixed

Our focus is to ensure the app is running as smoothly as possible, but sometimes things don't always work as expected. Our engineering teams take bugs very seriously, and we prioritise any major bugs over any other work. When any technical issues occur, the most disruptive issues will get fixed as soon as possible whilst the less impactful ones may take longer to resolve. The below provides a breakdown on how we work on different issues.


Major bugs

A major bug is one that stops you and most other users from using Depop, and these bugs will always have top priority - even over the new things we’re working on to help improve your Depop experience. We will work on the issue as soon as it’s identified, and won’t stop until we fix it - day or night. 

Medium bugs

A medium bug is inconvenient and affects some users, but doesn’t prevent you from completing key actions in the app. These issues are proactively worked on by the team, and the fix will typically be released in the latest version of the app. This is another reason why it’s important to always have the latest version of the app to make sure that you are not suffering from bugs that we have already fixed!

Minor bugs

A minor bug is something trivial which affects a small minority of users, and doesn’t impact your ability to complete key actions in the app. The engineering teams will fix these bugs issues as soon as they can whilst carefully comparing it against the team’s other priorities. This means it can take a while to solve, but we will not lose track of it and investigate it.

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