European Union Regulation addressing the dissemination of terrorist content online


The European Union (EU) Regulation addressing the dissemination of terrorist content online (TCO) intends to combat the misuse of hosting services for terrorist purposes and contributing to public security across the Union. Per the Regulation, TCO includes material that incites or solicits someone to commit, or to contribute to the commission of, terrorist offences, solicits someone to participate in activities of a terrorist group, or glorifies terrorist activities including by disseminating material depicting a terrorist attack. The definition also includes material that provides instruction on the making or use of explosives, firearms or other weapons or noxious or hazardous substances, as well as chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) substances, or on other specific methods or techniques, including the selection of targets, for the purpose of committing or contributing to the commission of terrorist offenses. Such material includes text, images, sound recordings and videos, as well as live transmissions of terrorist offences, that cause a danger of further such offences being committed. 


Depop’s Policies

Depop’s Terms of Service prohibit illegal or unlawful conduct. If Depop has reason to believe a user has violated the Terms of Service, their Depop shop, listing, and/or accounts may be deactivated, suspended or terminated. 


Redress for Users

Depop users whose content has been removed due to a EU TCO notice may have the right to challenge the removal with the EU authority. Depop users will generally receive a notification of the removal, unless Depop is prohibited from disclosing the removal to the user. Unless prohibited by the authority, the user may request a copy of the notification, which includes information regarding possibilities to challenge the removal order in the Member State of the issuing competent authority under national law.


Depop’s EU Regulatory Contact Point and Legal Representative

Depop’s Contact Point has been disclosed to Europol for use through Europol’s PERCI reporting tool and Depop’s designated TCO Legal Representative has been disclosed to Ireland’s competent authority. 


For EU regulators/competent authorities only: EU Regulators and competent authorities that need to reach Depop’s Contact Point or Legal Representative for more information regarding reporting TCO may contact Depop’s preferred language for notices is English.

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