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Change to payout timing (US)

To protect buyers and sellers on Depop we are changing the timing for payouts from Depop Payments in the US. From 16 February 2023, these changes will be applied to all US sellers except Top Sellers.


New payout timings for sellers in the US

If you've chosen to "Ship with USPS" via Depop, or add tracking information to your item manually, Depop will initiate payment 2 working days after the tracking info shows as ‘Delivered’.

For example, if you ship your item the day after it sells, your payout would be initiated approximately 5 working days after the sale for domestic shipments: 1 day to ship + around 2 working days for delivery (based on 'Ship with USPS via Depop' data in the US from Aug 2022 - Jan 2023) + 2 working days.

If your item is not delivered within 10 working days, Depop will initiate a payout at this point regardless (unless the buyer raises an issue, in which case your payout will be held until the issue has been resolved).

After payment is initiated by Depop, the time it takes to reach your account depends on your bank's processing times - which can be up to 3 days.
Your item’s delivery status will be automatically updated. The buyer does not need to mark the item as delivered.


Who will this change apply to?

The payout timing from sales with Depop Payments will be changed for all sellers in the US, except Top Sellers.  Please note, that unless you are a blue tick-verified Top Seller, we are unable to provide alternative payout schedules. You can find more details on how to become a Top Seller here


How do I add tracking info to my sale?

If you've selected "Ship with USPS", then tracking info will automatically update in the app, showing when the item has been sent and delivered.

If you've selected to arrange your own shipping, then you’ll need to add tracking info once the item has been sent, by following the steps below.

Tap > All sold items > tap the item > Mark as shipped > Enter valid tracking number

Once you’ve added tracking info, it will automatically update in the app, showing when the item has been sent and delivered.


Payouts if you don’t add tracking details

If you don’t add shipping tracking to your item, you will receive payment 10 working days after the item is sold, unless the buyer raises an issue, in which case, the payout will be held until the issue has been resolved.

You must send your item using tracked shipping to qualify for Depop Payments Seller Protection. You can see more information about Depop Payments Seller Protection here.

What is a Pending payment?

When you sell an item, the funds will be shown in your available Depop balance'. Payments will be pending until you receive your payout, at which point funds will be sent to your linked bank account.

Why is my payment On hold?

If your payment is On hold, this means the buyer has raised an issue with this purchase. Your funds are being held until that issue is resolved. Head to the Resolution Centre to view the issue raised by the buyer.'

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