US sellers: When will my Payout be deposited in my bank account?

This article will help explain how payouts work for US users. If you’re based in the UK, payouts work slightly differently. Read more here.

If you've sold using Depop Payments, your payout will be added to your Depop Balance and deposited directly into your bank account. 


How do Payouts work?

  • All payments from buyers go into your Depop Balance
  • This balance is then paid out to your Bank account in instalments
  • If your payment is 'Pending', this means the buyer has paid but your funds are waiting to clear. Once they do, you’ll see them in your available Depop balance.
  • The payout will contain any sales made with Depop Payments within that time frame
  • This may not always be a recognised amount as you can be paid out for multiple sales


This is my first sale through Depop Payments

Congratulations on your sale. When you sign up for Depop Payments, it's important that you set up and verify your account so you're ready to go. Read our guide to setting Depop Payments.

  • We'll initiate your payout after 10 business days following your sale.
  • If you've chosen Depop Shipping, or added tracking information to your item manually, Depop will initiate the payment 2 business days after the tracking info shows as ‘Delivered’ instead of initiating the payout after 10 business days.
  • You can see your estimated payout will be on your Depop sales receipt
  • Please allow a 2-3 business day difference on the estimated date, this can vary depending on your bank's processing times.

View your sales receipt by going toSeller_Hub.png>All sold items> Select your recent transaction > Scroll to Payment on the receipt


My payout failed

If your payout has failed, you should be able to check this on why within your Depop balance activity.


TapSeller_Hub.png>Payments>Depop Balance> Select your failed payout > review to find out what might need to be resolved.



Why might a Payout fail?

  • The connected bank account is restricted

  • The connected bank account has been closed 

  • The currency doesn't match your account

  • Your bank couldn't process the payout 

  • Your bank details are incorrect

  • Your account number is incorrect

  • Your account holder name is incorrect

  • The bank no longer supports payouts 

Struggling to resolve your issue through the app?Contact Depop Support


When can I ship my item?

Straight away. Through Depop Payments your money is guaranteed as soon as the sale is made.

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