US sellers: Learn more about how payouts works

This article will help explain how payouts work for US users. If you’re based in the UK, payouts work slightly differently. Read more here.


What is a payout?

Depop Payments works differently to PayPal and is a separate payment method. A ‘payout’ is the amount of money you receive from a sale.

Payouts will be sent to your linked bank account 10 working days after the sale date, or 2 working days after the item is delivered - whichever comes first. You can read more details about how payout on delivery works here


When will I receive my payout?

Once a buyer purchases from you via Depop Payments the money goes straight to your balance, which you can see in the Payments section of your Selling Hub in app.

If you use to "Ship with USPS" via Depop, or manually add tracking information to your item, your payout will be sent to your bank account 2 working days after the in-app tracking updates to ’Delivered'. If tracking details aren’t provided, your payout will be sent 10 working days after the sale date (Monday to Friday and excluding bank holidays).

You might see a 2-3 day difference in processing times depending on your bank. If payment hasn't been sent to your bank account after 10 working days, please contact Support.


Can I change how often I get payouts?

We currently only offer a Payout schedule of 10 working days however, there may be some users who are on a slightly different schedule due to early sign up to Depop Payments.  

You can see the next scheduled payout date in your Selling Hub > Payments. If this date has passed and your payout still hasn’t been sent, please contact Support. 


Why is my payment Pending?

A ‘Pending' payout means the buyer has paid but your funds are waiting to clear. Once they do, you’ll see them in your available Depop balance.


Why is my payment On hold?

If your payout is 'On hold', this means the buyer has raised an issue with the purchase. Your funds are being held until that issue is resolved. Head to Settings > Resolution Centre to view your disputes.


Why haven’t I received my payout?

Any missing or incorrect information can impact your Payouts being sent.

If you haven’t received a Payout after the 10 working days, please check your account is setup with the below information. These are some of the most common reasons payouts fail:

  • Incorrect bank details – update your details as stated above.
  • Issues with your bank account or no bank account has been connected yet.
  • Depop Balance is negative due to refunding a buyer – You need to connect a Top up your card to avoid this happening when.
  • Any Payouts cannot be paid out to you until your Depop Payments account has been verified. Just a reminder you must be over 18 to have a Depop Payments account
  • If you sell over $600 worth of items on Depop, you will need to provide valid SSN information as part of the verification process. You can read more here

Where can I see the breakdown of my most recent sales?

View your sales receipts by going to> Payments > Double-tap on the red Depop Balance card at the top of Payments home.


If you are still having issues after looking at all of the above, Contact Support if you need more help.

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