How much does Boosted Listings cost?

How much am I charged if my boosted listing sells through a boosted tile?

You’ll be charged an 8% boosting fee on your total sale price if your item sells as a result of a buyer viewing, clicking or liking your listing via a boosted tile in the search results and then purchasing your item within a 28-day period.

Depop will automatically charge the 8% fee on the item sale price and any shipping costs where the seller has arranged their own shipping. Fees are not charged against Depop Shipping labels. The boosting fee is charged when your item sells, in addition to the selling and payment processing fees. 

Before you boost your listing, we’ll show you how much the boosting fee will cost you based on the total price of your item.

For example, if you are in the UK and your boosted item sells for £30 (including shipping costs), you will pay a total of £3.57 in fees, comprising:

  • 8% boosting fee: £2.40 (8% of £30)
  • 2.9% + £0.30 payment processing fee: £1.17

Learn more about our fees here.

Where can I view how much I got charged?

You can see if you were charged a boosting fee by going to Payments in My Depop > Settings > Depop Balance, and tapping your receipts. 

We’ll also send you an email with your receipt after every sale, which will show if you were charged a boosting fee in addition to the selling and payment processing fees.


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