Repop is a tool that lets you quickly re-list items you've purchased on Depop, so someone else can buy them. It's a great way to help to keep fashion circular and make extra cash for something new.


How it works:

As a buyer you’ll be able to easily re-list a past Depop purchase by going into your receipts and tapping Repop. This will take you straight to a new listing page where all fields except image, price and condition will be auto-populated using the information from the original listing. 



  • Go to your profile Profile.png
  • Tap the receipts icon at the top and then Repop
  • The item description and all attributes other than image, price and condition will be auto-populated in a new listing page using the information from the original listing
  • You can edit the auto-populated fields or leave them as is if they accurately describe the item being sold 
  • To finish your listing, add high quality photos, the current condition of the item and set your price

Tip: make sure you update the description to match the current condition of the item. 


Key benefits:

  • Buy on Depop with confidence - if a purchase isn’t quite right you can easily re-list it 
  • Re-list items you’re no longer wearing quickly 
  • Keep fashion in circulation that might otherwise go to waste
  • Make room in your wardrobe for new-season finds



  1. Will I be charged fees if I repop a past purchase?
    Yes, the usual fees will still apply when you make a sale through “Repop”. Read more about Depop fees here.

  2. When can I repop a past purchase? 
    You can repop a past purchase anytime after you’ve purchased it. Currently it's only possible to repop single items, and not bundles. 

  3. Can I use the previous seller’s photos when I repop an item? 
    No - you must always take your own photos when using Repop unless you have the original seller’s permission. Using your own photos will help show any new wear and tear to potential buyers. 

  4. Can I repop a purchase that’s not from Depop?
    You can only repop items that have been purchased on Depop. To list an item which has not been purchased on Depop head to your Selling Hub [icon] > List an item. 

  5. I’m a seller and my item has been repopped. I spend a lot of time on my listings, so why are people allowed to copy them? 
    Only the item’s description and attributes will be pre-populated in the new listing - sellers are not permitted to copy your images without your permission. Repop also gives buyers an alternative to returning an item that isn’t quite right, saving sellers the time and hassle of managing returns, refunds and related user communications.



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