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If you’re a US seller, you have 2 shipping options: 

  1. Depop Shipping: Use Depop’s shipping label via USPS. Once you’ve made a sale you can simply download the QR code, find a convenient drop off location near you and enjoy the fully tracked service (mainland USA only). 
  2. Other: Arrange tracked shipping yourself through a third party service. 

Note: Some users may only see the Depop Shipping method on their profile. This change is part of Depop's efforts to enhance the overall experience for both buyers and sellers.

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How to use Depop shipping label
If you are on iOS:

  • Go to ‘My Depop’
  • Go to menu
  • Click on Shipping

If you are on Android:

  • Go to your Selling Hub Screenshot
  • Go to ‘shop settings’ 
  • Click on Depop Shipping 

Buyer shipping cost breakdown: 

Label size Price 

XX-Small <4oz

Jewelry, small accessories


X-Small <8oz

Swimwear, small tops, small purses 


Small <12oz

Tops, t-shirts, pants  


Medium <16oz

Jeans, lightweight jumpers 


Large <2lb

Hoodies, light jackets, sneakers 


X-Large <10lb




How to find your sold items shipping label 

  • If you are on iOS go to ‘My Depop' and then the menu. If you are on Android just go to your Selling Hub Screenshot
  • Click on ‘all sold items’ 
  • Tap on ‘Ship your item now’ to download your QR code and print your label.
  • You can print your shipping label by scanning the QR code at your nearest Post Office (find more information on how USPS QR codes work here) OR you can print out your in app shipping label at home directly from the app.
  • You can also print your shipping label from your email receipt if you choose or if you are running iOS 10 and below. Stick the label to your package with clear tape.
  • Drop off at a Post Office or blue USPS collection box.

Want to use an alternative shipping method?
If you want to use your own shipping method then all you need to do is update your shipping method to 'Other'

If you are on iOS:

  • Go to ‘My Depop’
  • Go to menu
  • Click on Shipping
  • Click on ‘other’

If you are on Android:

  • Go to your Selling Hub Screenshot
  • Go to ‘shop settings’ then ‘shipping’
  • Click on ‘other’

Under ‘domestic shipping price' you’ll then be able to select the shipping price for each item individually when you’re listing a new item. 

How to offer worldwide shipping 
Depop shipping labels are limited to the USA mainland. If you intend to ship outside the US, you will need to make your own shipping arrangements. You can specify your international shipping price when listing your item.

It’s important to note that using Deop’s shipping labels means all items are sent fully tracked and qualifying items are eligible for Depop Protection up to $300. If you opt not to use Depop's shipping, you will not be eligible for Depop Protection in the unfortunate event of items being lost or damaged in transit.

Got questions? We’ll do our best to answer them. 

When I make a sale, how much will I be charged? 
You’ll only be charged for the Depop fees, transaction fees and boosted fees if you boosted your listing, read here for more information on fees. Your buyer will be responsible for paying for the cost of shipping by default. 

I want to change my shipping method, what do I do?
If you are on iOS:

  • Go to ‘My Depop’
  • Go to menu
  • Click on Shipping
  • Select the shipping method you prefer

If you are on Android:

  • Selling Hub Screenshot
  • Tap ‘shipping’ under shop settings
  • Select “Depop shipping label’

This will ensure all new listings are set to Depop Shipping label.

Once the buyer has purchased your item you will receive a QR code, simply find a convenient drop off location, drop off your parcel and enjoy the fully tracked service. 

Note that using the Depop Shipping label on qualifying items means you are eligible for Depop Protection up to $300 in the unlikely event of something going wrong as all items are sent using tracked service through USPS.

If I change my shipping preference will my old listings be affected?
If you have been automatically opted into Depop Shipping or have changed your shipping preference, your existing listings will remain unchanged. However, any new listings created after the change will be affected.

Where can I find my nearest drop off locations when I use Depop shipping label via USPS? 
To find a convenient drop off location simply input your post code here

I don’t have a printer, what do I do?
No printer? No problem! When you use Depop’s shipping label we’ll send you a QR code when the buyer pays for the item (and shipping cost). All you need to do is download the QR code, find your nearest drop off point and we’ll notify you on where the item is and when it will be received. 

Can I offer free shipping? 
It’s not possible to offer free shipping when using Depop Shipping labels however you can do so through your own shipping method. Just input '0' as your shipping price when listing an item.

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