Dropshipping Policy

What are drop shipped items?

Dropshipping is a method of delivering where orders and placed directly with factories. Some of these items can be unique and responsibly made. For example, handcrafted items could be made to order and directly sent to the buyer from the production workshop or factory. This policy change will affect drop shipped standardised items ordered through third parties or wholesalers that are generally of unreliable quality.

As our community grows, we've decided that for the purpose of quality, creativity and sustainability, drop shipped catalogue items are no longer allowed on Depop.

What items are not allowed to be sold on Depop?

  • Drop shipped items including designer and luxury fashion and cosmetic items. This is because we are not able to judge the authenticity of items and they may have not been tested to meet the legal safety requirements

  • Drop shipped items listed using stock images, customer photos and/or supplier photos
  • Drop shipped items produced at large scale and bought to order from catalogues or other marketplaces

What items are allowed to be dropshipped?

  • Handcrafted items designed by the seller

  • Items produced or printed on demand that the seller has designed

If you fall into one of these categories, we require that you 

  • Personally design, source and purchase items to assess quality and the social and environmental standards of your suppliers. 
  • Take original photographs of the items. Stock pictures are not allowed
  • Draft your own description and clearly disclose:
    • Shipping and delivery timeframes
    • That you are working with a third party to source or manufacture these items
    • Where your partner is based
  • Be prepared to provide additional details to Depop, at any time, about the origins of your items, your manufacturing partners and the production process

We reserve the right to remove items that breach our guidelines without notice and suspend your account. 

We want to keep Depop a creative marketplace with quality products. With thousands of items listed every day we need your help. If you see a listing that you think breaks these guidelines, please report it directly in-app and we’ll take care of it.


To learn about how we moderate content at Depop, click here for more information. 

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