Electronics Policy

From 13th July 2020, consumer electronics will no longer be permitted for sale on Depop. 

Why have we made this decision?

Depop is a fashion marketplace to buy, sell and discover unique fashion. We are always reviewing categories outside of fashion, apparel and accessories to determine if they remain a fit for our community, and therefore align with our purpose as a marketplace. 

What items are prohibited?

Consumer electronics, appliances and accessories that fall into the following categories:   

  • Mobile phones and related tech accessories
  • Speakers, headphones and headsets

  • Digital audio players and related products

  • Games consoles, controllers and related accessories

  • Computers, laptops, tablets, E-readers and related accessories

  • Smartwatches and fitness watches or fitness trackers 

  • Cosmetic electronics such as hair stylers, clippers and trimmers

  • Home & lifestyle electronics such as lighting, virtual assistants and appliances

  • Televisions, DVD players and related products

  • Battery banks, chargers and hard drives

This list is not exhaustive and Depop reserves the right to determine what items are or are not allowed to be listed on our app at any time.

What items are allowed?

The following items are allowed to be sold on Depop:

  • Cameras, video cameras and related accessories including film & lenses
  • Mobile phone & laptop cases, covers, folios and holders
  • Digital & analog wrist watches such as Casio, Swatch and Timex 

To learn about how we moderate content at Depop, click here for more information. 

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