How do I refund a buyer?

Depop Payments refunds

To refund a buyer who paid through Depop Payments, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the Depop app

  • Tap  Seller_Hub.png> tap All sold items

  • Select the transaction you’d like to refund > tap Refund

  • To send a full refund, follow the steps for Full refund

  • To send a partial refund, switch to the Partial refund tab and type in or select the amount you’d like to refund.

  • Tap Continue to review the details > Confirm refund.

Note: You’ll need to add a top-up card (debit or credit card) to your account before you can refund buyers who paid through Depop Payments. A top-up card makes sure you can always refund buyers, even when your Depop balance is too low.

Learn more about Depop Payments and Seller Protection.


PayPal refunds

To refund a buyer who paid through PayPal, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your PayPal account (on desktop/laptop, rather than the PayPal app)

  • On the Summary page, find and click on the transaction you’d like to refund

  • If you don’t see the item that needs to be refunded, click Activity

  • On the Transaction Details page, click Issue a refund

  • Follow the steps to refund your buyer

  • Make sure the refund is completed or cleared.

Learn more about sending a refund on PayPal.


If you’re selling as an individual, you’re not required to offer a refund unless your item has not been sent or is not as described.

If you’re selling as a registered business, you must follow the relevant distance selling regulations. Buyers can open a dispute up to 180 days from the transaction date if they feel the item is ‘not as described’.

Remember to always refund a buyer directly from the original transaction. This way, the refund is associated with the transaction and cannot be disputed.

Note: You won’t receive a refund of your PayPal fee.

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