How do I get a Depop fee refund?

If you refund your buyer for a Depop sale, we'll refund the applicable selling fee. 

Sold through Depop Payments in the US? The Depop fee will be returned automatically when you refund your buyer through the app. If you sold through PayPal, reach out to our Support team to get a fee refund.

I refunded my buyer through Depop Payments

If you have issued a refund through Depop Payments in the US, your fee refund will automatically be applied to your account.

I refunded my buyer through PayPal

Once you've issued a full refund, simply fill out our contact form to get the Depop fee refunded

Select Selling > Refund Depop fee.

We'll just need you to confirm:

  • The email address linked to your Depop account
  • Your Depop @username
  • Your buyer's Depop @username
  • Attach proof of full refund to the buyer (i.e. screenshot of the completed refund in your PayPal account)

You can refund your buyer directly from your PayPal account (via a desktop and not the app).

For more detailed steps on issuing refunds read our guide.

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