What does the blue tick mean?

A verified badge is the small blue tick you may see on a user's profile image. We give these badges to Top Sellers, brands, celebrities and public figures. Accounts with blue ticks are users who our team have verified as authentic and trustworthy.

We do this to keep Depop a safe marketplace where you know who you’re doing business with.


What does the blue tick mean?

  • The blue tick on Depop means that a user has a verified Depop account
  • This means that the account you can see may be a verified celebrity, brand or a Depop Top Seller
  • Our community development teams have verified the user's identity and can confirm that their account is legit
  • If the user is a Top Seller, this means that they are doing a high volume of quality Depop sales


How do you get a blue tick?

At Depop, we give blue ticks to accounts who need to be verified. This may be for celebrities, influencers, brands and Top Sellers.

  • You can't apply for a blue tick on Depop
  • If you are a public figure you can reach out to our Support team
  • As a general Depop user, to be verified you will have to try to become a Top Seller


How can I become a Top Seller?

A Depop Top Seller is a user who sells a lot on the Depop app. They have a great sales history and are reliable users who maintain a great presence on the app.

  • To be considered as a Top Seller you must be earning £1000/$1,000+ (~AU$2,000) each month for 4 consecutive months in sales before fees.
  • Ship 90% of your items within 5 days
  • Maintain a refund rate below 5%(This excludes partial refunds.)
  • You must have an average rating of at least 4.5 stars
  • No recent infringements of our Depop Community Guidelines
  • Maintain 50+ live listings in your shop
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